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There is no denying the fact that accidents are commonplace in workstations.  The warehouse is one of the areas where accidents are more bound to happen. It is here where the company’s goods are stacked and stored. If the warehouse and structure are not safe and humane, it is the employees whose lives are put in danger.

Here are some suggested steps to improve the warehouse ladders and platforms:

In order to reach the shelves, the employees will require means to reach them. The industrial shelves are so highly placed that ordinary ladder simply cannot help. As such, there should be warehouse steps to ensure that the user is safe. The warehouse ladder is highly recommended for this function. It has a number of features which sets it aside from the other kinds of ladders.

Steel and handrails

The ladder is made from steel, making it durable and strong. The inclusion of handrails in the platform is a plus.

Locking wheels

The safety of the ladder user can further be enhanced through the use of locking wheels. These wheels prevent any movement of the ladder whilst in use. They automatically lock when is using it but wheel easily when one wants to move them. The weight of the user  or an adjustment are all that is required  to keep the entire steel ladder  firm and secure for use.

Access platform

There are areas in the warehouse which are harder to reach. In such a case, you don’t need a ladder but an access platform. This platform comes in two ways: single or double ended type. The former is in every way similar to the warehouse steps in regard to the handrails and wheels. However, it has the advantage of larger surface at its centre.

Round step

This is more or less a step stool but in which ingenuity has been used to secure it. The moment you step on it, it secures so that you don’t topple. When it is not in use, the round step is easy to carry around.

Aluminium warehouse

This is very much like the industrial warehouse except that it is lighter than its steel counterpart. This makes portability much easier and especially if you are constantly moving locations within the warehouse.

Precaution to take when using the warehouse ladder and platform

The workers’ safety should always be given the highest priority. Accessorizing the warehouse is the way to go. The company in question should invest in goggles, gloves and hard hats to name but a few.

The second important thing is that only those well versed with the warehouse ladders should actually use them. This will prevent accidents and injuries from those new to these structures. Where the ladder or platform is damaged, it should be marked to indicate they are not safe for use.

Knowledge operations should be communicated to the workers as often as possible and especially if there is a new structure put in there. This will greatly help keep workers safe since they will know how to use them.

Something about ladders

Railings and a platform in a ladder are not enough to ensure the safety of a worker. The guard rails have to be there plus of course the platform should be large enough to provide balance. There have been cases of workers falling ladders because they used the ladders to pick heavy items. The rule of the thumb is to always pick the weight which can be supported by the ladder. The other ladders that are not recommended for picking items are the extension ladders and ordinary ladders. These two are weak since they lack the guard rails and platforms.

Height adjustment of the picks

Efficiency, safety and productivity in the warehouse can be enhanced by periodically evaluating the height for things to be picked. Accessibility is very important when it comes to picking things. If you pick certain more often than others, then these items should be moved closer where you do not have to strain to reach them.

General safety when using a warehouse ladder

Regardless of type, the ladder should be used the right way. The worker should always use the ladder with both hands when climbing up or down. The ladder should always be longer than the point where you want to reach .The extra top step is for the storage, not for the user to step on. Belt buckles should also be used well by not leaning too far or too close.

Open sided platforms

The working area in the warehouse is the platform. These platforms should be made in such a way that they don’t lead to slips, falls or trips. Whether it is a floor, elevation or ramp, they should be secured to ensure safety of the workers. This can be achieved by using   rails and toe boards.

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